How to Secure your Smartphone from Virus

Smartphones are essential computing devices these days, almost everyone needs one not only for luxury but to keep connected to the fast growing world. World economy is now mostly based on consumerism, and constant connectivity is required for a business to thrive. Assessing the overall scenario, it is easier to understand why the concept of handheld smart devices have become so popular these days.

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With great power comes great responsibility, and it is actually the responsibility of all smart device owners to make their devices safe and secure. Smartphones these days contain all sort of private and business data these days; and if somehow the information on a phone gets compromised it’s a remarkable loss, so is the theft or stealing of a smart device. Here are few tips for a smartphone user, about how they can protect a smartphone or tablet from any harm.

Antivirus App

Level of security clearance varies among the available antivirus apps for smartphones and tablets, but having one can ensure that the user will be notified of any potential harm that might be caused to a device and also might get a way to get rid of the malware attacks that could take place. There are various different products in the app stores of all platforms, they come in free and paid versions as well. Generally, the paid versions offer advanced features like device backup and restore, advanced anti-theft features etc. whereas the free versions offer basic real time protection, remote locating and wiping of a smartphone etc.

Keep Operating System Updated

Keep your smartphone’s operating system updated. Most platforms, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry provide regular update for their devices released, and most devices receive an update up to a certain level. Make sure your device is updated to the latest version of the OS. Latest versions bear the most updated security patch which comes useful.

Use a Screen Lock Method

Most smartphones come with few screen lock options, PIN on iPhone and pattern on Android are most popular. However, few latest smartphones has chosen fingerprint sensor as their primary method of unlocking a phone. It is safe, secure and faster than any other method, and could be used for other operations like online payments through a phone.

Encrypt Files and Apps

Android offers file encryption through the security settings. Also, there are plenty of third party apps for file and apps encryption on smartphones, offered by third party manufacturers. If you want complete protection of your data and information stored on a smartphone, it is required that you encrypt the files and apps on your smartphone.

Steer Clear from Suspicious Apps and Websites

Unknown source of apps could be useful at times, but make sure you aren’t allowing some developer to house a malware in your smartphone. Also, there are plenty of websites that allow suspicious scripts to run on user’s web browser, which later provides access for the malicious program developers. The best method is to steer clear from both of the mentioned.


Following these easy methods, a smartphone user can keep their smartphones free from virus infection, and any other sort of intrusion.

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