Do You Need to Use Antivirus on iPhone?

As you all know, antivirus is a software developed in order to give utmost digital security to the personal computers. But the thing is, this is already a thing in the past since antivirus programs are not only useful for PCs nowadays, but in a number of mobile phones as well. Yes, you read it right. Mobile phones can also be the targets of viruses and malicious malwares since these devices can also be used in accessing the online world. In fact, a mobile phone is more fragile compared to a computer when attacked by a virus. This is the main reason why mobile phone users in the world are also downloading antivirus app on their phones.

Do You Need to Use Antivirus on iPhone

But the big question now is, is an antivirus software also important to be downloaded to an iPhone? Can this software help this phone in protecting its contents? Well actually, it will be a case to case basis.

For several years now, iPhone and some other iOS devices are not integrating antivirus programs on their system. It is extremely amazing to take note that they remain usable and high performance despite the fact that there is no antivirus software that is protecting their contents and the iOS devices themselves, in general. The company behind these renowned high quality devices makes sure that these can be hard enough to be infected by a malware or a virus. And yes, iPhone and other iOS devices have been giving too much headaches to those malicious softwares that are trying to enter into their system.  In fact, the company behind iPhone turned down the offer of a certain antivirus making company for partnership.

Even so, little did you know that iOS platforms can also be subjects for malware infection? It is definitely true. And when this happens, you can expect nothing but a worse case scenario. This is specially if your iPhone is a jailbroken one. As said, iPhone is very difficult to be infected with viruses and malicious malwares, specially if the iOS devices are only used at home. Home users do not make use of their devices on some more complex tasks on the web, making them to be not prone for viruses and malwares. Nonetheless, this is not the case in the business settings. The iOS devices used for business purposes are good to be jailbroken, so that accessing anything needed by the business can be done easily. The thing is, these jailbroken devices are possible to be infiltrated through the network system a business company is using. With that being said, spying on communications and illegally getting sensitive data about the business is definitely possible.

Generally speaking, antivirus programs can also be very helpful to iPhone and some other devices powered with iOS. Nevertheless, you still cannot deny the fact that these devices have lesser chances to be infected by viruses and malicious spywares that can be commonly found on the internet. It is all thanks to the very own methods used by Apple in giving utmost digital security to their devices.

3 Best Mac Antivirus Software

People using Mac often wonder, whether their favorite ecosystem does even require an antivirus program or not. Well, given the tech security scenario these days, it’s safe to say that Macs don’t truly need one but it’s wise to have one – because the first ransomware in Mac has already been spotted in March 2016 and it’s a good guess that more are about to come. Rewind few years, the Mac user population was very low. In the recent years, Mac computers have gained much popularity and a wider user base, thus the hackers are really targeting the Mac OS platform to distribute their malwares.

If you had been wondering which antivirus program you could get for your Mac computer right now, here’s our top 3 selections.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender has won multiple awards for being the best antivirus software in the world right now; though it’s a matter of user preference and point of view. It allows it install you Bitdefender offline in your system. However, the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is specialized on providing real time protection for user files and system files, it blocks annoying and potentially harmful programs from a Mac, and does a lot more with other tools. Bitdefender Autopilot is an automatic feature that runs in the background and provides non-stop protection on a system without any user interaction with the system. Bitdefender is feather light, it doesn’t affect the processing speed of a Macintosh computer. Online transactions are now more secure with Bitdefender for Mac. For 1 Mac license/year, the pricing is $39.95 and $59.95 for 3 licenses for a year.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Kaspersky Internet Security comes for the same price as Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, however on the pricing end Kaspersky is costlier because it’s $59.95/year for 1 Mac only, where the Bitdefender offers 3 licenses for the same price. However, Kaspersky provides a premium range of programs to keep a Mac protected from unauthorized system access, intrusion in the file system or your online footprints. Alternately, a Kaspersky user can activate Parental Control feature to keep an eye on the underage internet surfing. Performance on a Mac won’t ever be affected because it leaves a very tiny footprint on the RAM. Auto renewal is activated upon first purchase.

Norton Security for Mac

Norton Security for Mac

Norton Security comes in three options – Standard, Deluxe and Premium. The first one provides only one license, mid-tier edition provides 5 and the premium edition comes with 10 licenses; and the license could be used with any device – PC, Mac, Android etc. All these editions provide basic real time anti-virus protection for a Macintosh computer. Online identity and footprints are all covered up and protected by Norton, thus there wouldn’t be any issue browsing the internet or shop online without having to worry at all. If anything goes wrong, Norton customer support agents are always up for providing the best assistance in security products lineup. The pricing for these three tiers are respectively $34.99/year, $39.99/year and $49.99/year.


All the top-notch security software manufacturers have at least one Mac product in their product lineup, thus there’s nothing to worry about. If you were wondering about the best Mac antivirus programs, there you have it.