Using More than One Antivirus is a Bad Practice – This is why

Apparently, you have purchased a computer, most probably your first one few days ago and now after going through few hundreds of web articles, you are kind of scared about the fact that internet intruders are going to access your computer, steal your sensitive and overly personal data and release them on the internet, while leaving your computer completely wrecked. That’s the initial mental picture a good amount of new computer user picture every now and then.


And as an obvious outcome, most of them end up installing multiple antivirus programs in one computer. The aftermath isn’t so pleasant, the computer usually blows up. Hold your horses, that’s not true. The computer doesn’t blow up but it becomes the slowest thing on earth. Every single click takes a gazillion seconds to process, many programs won’t even open because two antivirus programs are checking them at the same time, and this tug of war goes on depending on how big of a program you are trying to execute.

And after few days of having multiple antivirus programs, two in most common cases, people usually give up on their computer.

Now, here’s a good lot of reason why no one should use two or more antivirus programs on a computer. One is more than enough, one shield will protect any intruder on earth to get into your computer. And if it doesn’t even having 10 antivirus program in a computer won’t stop them from getting in – as simple as that.


  • Real time protections collide each other: If you install multiple antivirus programs in one computer, the real time protections will really interrupt each other. These programs run a consistent background scan on your system and other drives for potentially harmful file and software activities, and having more than one antivirus program will certainly make them double cross. To make the situation even worse, two conflicting programs can detect each other as viruses and disable them both; leaving your computer totally unprotected.
  • Antivirus companies aren’t really friends with each other: Everyone in this business is a rival, and they have legit reasons to keep their respective product alive in the market. Hence, once an antivirus program detects another such program operating in a computer, most likely the weaker one, or less functional one will get blocked. And if you have spent a good amount of money to buy two of highest tier antivirus programs in the market, good luck to your system buddy.
  • Two Antivirus is Unnecessary: Having two antivirus programs doesn’t necessarily mean your computer becomes more protected and well-shielded against viruses and malwares. You will most likely have the same protection level even with multiple antivirus programs, could be even less if these programs conflict with each other.
  • Provides Backdoors for the Intruders: While your two antivirus programs fight against each other, they might leave holes in the security system and talented hackers can really exploit them well.


Having two or more antivirus programs installed on a computer sounds more secure and fancy, but it’s in fact risky, a very bad practice and makes your computer more vulnerable. Hopefully, you now know the reasons why.

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