How to Add Exceptions or Exclusions in Bitdefender 2017

Bitdefender being one of the top three antiviruses of 2017, has become very popular over a course of time. Many people have upgraded to the 2017 version from the earlier 2015 version already, and many are planning on doing so. The old users of Bitdefender anti malware programs might already know how to add exceptions on files or folders from the scanning on Bitdefender, but the new users could use some guidelines to the feature.

However, users of Bitdefender Antivirus Free can’t avail the exclusion feature, as it haven’t been added on this version. Only basic protection on autopilot mode is offered as a standard equipment of PC protection. To avail this feature, user needs to purchase at least a paid antivirus module from Bitdefender.

Bitdefender 2017 Exclusion Adding Procedure

Bitdefender 2017 Antivirus modules (except the free version) offer the users with the ability to exclude a specific file or folder from the scanning. This might be useful in many cases, as in to skip a folder that might contain user-made programs or prototypes which are still awaiting to be released in commercial form, or to be registered with the antivirus signature databases as a safe file. Also, many users would store cracks for different programs, or game cheat files in folders which are often detected as malicious programs by the antimalware programs.

Other cases may include confidential files or programs used by law enforcements, as they wouldn’t want these programs be known to the outside world – these could be detected as malicious programs by Bitdefender Antivirus 2017. Excluding such files and folders simply save user the hassle to skip virus warnings on these files and folders.

To enable the exception feature for on-demand and on-access virus scans, user needs to take following steps.

  • Inside the Bitdefender main interface, there should be an icon with a down arrow. Click on that to get into the modules window. From the Modules window, open the Antivirus panel.
  • If you are on a single Antivirus module, you don’t have to go through the step above.
  • Inside the Antivirus module, there should be three prominent tabs – Shield, Exclusions and Quarantine. Click on Exclusions.
  • Under the Exclusions for Files pane, there are three options – Excluded files and folders, Excluded extensions and Excluded processes. Click on Excluded files and folders link to get the window where you can add exclusions for files and folders.
  • Exclusions will open up a new box, click on the Add button on topside. While selecting a file, make sure you have excluded the folder for both on-demand and on-access scans.
  • To exclude a software, open Excluded processes and select the executable .exe file and ensure ‘Allowed’ is selected. Click on Add and later on close the window. This process excluded the selected program from being scanned by Bitdefender.

At this stage, you are done.

Look out…

Don’t add a folder where you keep your raw downloaded files from the internet. This folder could contain malicious files and with an exception added, Bitdefender will skip scanning the folder which exploits your PC to security threats.

Is Free Antivirus Program Really Worth?

Computer devices are nothing without the presence of antivirus programs. Just in case you do not know, viruses that can harm the entire system of your computer are always there lurking on the web waiting for the right time to attack your computer system. Not only that, malwares and some other malicious softwares are also there that can put the privacy and safety of your computer device at risk. Every time you use your computer, there is a big possibility that viruses will be bombarded into the system. Because of this, it is very important for you to download an antivirus program that will take care of the security of your computer device.

The big question now is, how much money you have to spend so that you can have your own antivirus software? Is it necessary to spend some bucks just for this thing? Well actually, there are a number of antivirus programs that can be found on the web and downloaded in your pc without spending a dime. You can take advantage of them for free, but only few of them are reliable enough.

Reliable Free Antivirus Programs to Consider

Here are some of the worth considering and worth using antivirus programs that you can download in your computer without any charges:

Avast Free Antivirus

In order for you to have this free antivirus software, what you need to do is visit the official website of Avast. Look for the Essential Avast! Free Antivirus section and simply press the download button that you can see. This free antivirus program can definitely protect your computer from any viruses that may harm your computer device. But if you want to take advantage of some other amazing features, you should go for its paid version, which is worth $49.99 annually.

Avira Free Antivirus

This excellent free antivirus software is developed by a German digital-security firm known as Avira. A lot of people are using this software for malware detection. Its interface is not that hard to navigate. Other than that, there are also some extremely useful tools packed in this particular free antivirus, as far as computer system security is concerned.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Using this software as the antivirus program of your computer device will definitely give you some regrets. Ironclad protection can be provided by this free antivirus that will make your computer system away from any threats. It will skip uninfected files, reducing the possibility of slower loading moments of your pc, not to mention the fact that it will only perform in scanning malwares in your computer if it is in the idle mode. In case you want to go for a premium account of this antivirus, you can surely avail of some discounts for its price.

Norman Malware Cleaner

This is another worth considering free antivirus program that will surely help you, as far as computer system security is concerned. The best thing about this program is the fact that it offers a 30-day trial for its premium account. Meaning to say, you can take advantage of the premium digital security it can provide to your computer device within this particular period of time. After that trial period, you can decide if you go for its paid version or not.

This goes to show that there are free antivirus programs that are worth the try. If will be advantageous for you if you are in a tight budget for this.

Using More than One Antivirus is a Bad Practice – This is why

Apparently, you have purchased a computer, most probably your first one few days ago and now after going through few hundreds of web articles, you are kind of scared about the fact that internet intruders are going to access your computer, steal your sensitive and overly personal data and release them on the internet, while leaving your computer completely wrecked. That’s the initial mental picture a good amount of new computer user picture every now and then.


And as an obvious outcome, most of them end up installing multiple antivirus programs in one computer. The aftermath isn’t so pleasant, the computer usually blows up. Hold your horses, that’s not true. The computer doesn’t blow up but it becomes the slowest thing on earth. Every single click takes a gazillion seconds to process, many programs won’t even open because two antivirus programs are checking them at the same time, and this tug of war goes on depending on how big of a program you are trying to execute.

And after few days of having multiple antivirus programs, two in most common cases, people usually give up on their computer.

Now, here’s a good lot of reason why no one should use two or more antivirus programs on a computer. One is more than enough, one shield will protect any intruder on earth to get into your computer. And if it doesn’t even having 10 antivirus program in a computer won’t stop them from getting in – as simple as that.


  • Real time protections collide each other: If you install multiple antivirus programs in one computer, the real time protections will really interrupt each other. These programs run a consistent background scan on your system and other drives for potentially harmful file and software activities, and having more than one antivirus program will certainly make them double cross. To make the situation even worse, two conflicting programs can detect each other as viruses and disable them both; leaving your computer totally unprotected.
  • Antivirus companies aren’t really friends with each other: Everyone in this business is a rival, and they have legit reasons to keep their respective product alive in the market. Hence, once an antivirus program detects another such program operating in a computer, most likely the weaker one, or less functional one will get blocked. And if you have spent a good amount of money to buy two of highest tier antivirus programs in the market, good luck to your system buddy.
  • Two Antivirus is Unnecessary: Having two antivirus programs doesn’t necessarily mean your computer becomes more protected and well-shielded against viruses and malwares. You will most likely have the same protection level even with multiple antivirus programs, could be even less if these programs conflict with each other.
  • Provides Backdoors for the Intruders: While your two antivirus programs fight against each other, they might leave holes in the security system and talented hackers can really exploit them well.


Having two or more antivirus programs installed on a computer sounds more secure and fancy, but it’s in fact risky, a very bad practice and makes your computer more vulnerable. Hopefully, you now know the reasons why.

Difference Between Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

With so many intrusion programs around these days, it is very easy to get confused between the definitions of antivirus and antimalware. Both are malicious programs for any computer system and can take away mental peace of the user forever, but speaking of technical details what precisely are the differences in between them? There aren’t many, but having the knowledge could be helpful. Also, the security programs these days come in various flavors to confuse the computer users even more. As for sure, this would leave many less geeky, or rephrase it as more normal-human-being computer users wondering what actually are the differences between antivirus and antimalware software?

antivirus software

We tried to explain very briefly.

Difference between Virus and Malware

As you might know already, viruses are computer programs but they are usually built for malicious reasons – to harm your computer or fetch data away. However, a virus is a piece of coded program that is created to intrude your computer, exploit its best possibilities and corrupt your system, could possibly erase the data stored on it as well. Malware is a much broader term, basically and umbrella term that includes viruses as well as spyware, Trojan horses, ransomware, adware and other malicious programs. Put this way, all viruses are malwares but not all malwares are viruses.

However, this had been a very simple briefing and that can’t really define a complicated term like difference between virus and malware. Viruses have around for really long time and their nature of attach and intrusion haven’t really changed much. The legacy had to be made wider in order to find smarter ways, hence the smarter hackers came up with keyloggers, rootkits, worms etc. and all these are sorts of viruses.

For easier understanding in the consumer end, companies that make security software for computers have chosen the term antivirus as a marketing term. Because anti-malware would be an alien term for the most consumers out there, while antivirus sounds much easier and it rhythms well too!


Few Suggestions

In case you had been planning on getting your computer a new security program, here are threenarrowed-down options:

  • Norton Antivirus Plus: A new version of this software is released every year by Symantec. The software interface is straight forward; slightly complex but still goes easy even on the newest of users. A new version is released every year; current edition is 2016.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: The current 2016 edition offers a very effective anti-ransomware tool, in case you had been receiving a lot of those in the past few months. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus happens to be the #1 anti-malware program of 2015.
  • Avast Antivirus: The free version is just basically an antivirus with few other impressive features; but if you buy the paid version of Avast you get a whole set of anti-malware tools like the anti-spyware, firewall etc. and a dedicated VPN service.


Don’t compromise on your computer’s security. If a malware attack ever happens, once is enough to devastate everything you have on your computer.

Bitdefender vs AVG: Which is Great?

Different versions of Bitdefender Antivirus might become the top antivirus software of the world by plain sheets of statistics and facts, but when it comes to the free antimalware programs, AVG keeps it way ahead in the game. Bitdefender is indeed worth all the positive vibe it gets, but most of the advanced features on Bitdefender comes for a good price figure. AVG Antivirus on the other side offers a lot of features at a lower price point for the free version, and users who require more can simply grab the paid version called AVG Internet Security which is equivalent to Bitdefender Internet Security for a slightly lesser price tag.

Bitdefender coupon and review


AVG Antivirus is mostly known for its free distribution. Even the free version offers a whole lot of features usually unavailable on other free antivirus programs as in Bitdefender Antivirus Free. However, AVG Internet Security PRO costs only $59.99 per year for an unlimited number of devices! Unlike Bitdefender paid products that come for a specific number of license subscriptions, AVG actually allow its users to use only one license for as many devices they want.

On the other hand, Bitdefender has a very basic free antivirus module. Bitdefender Internet Security suite costs $59.95 per year for 1 PC license and $79.95 per year for 3 PC license.Here are the Bitdefender coupon codes: .There’s another version called Bitdefender Total Security that costs $69.95 per year for 1 PC license and $89.95 per year for 3 PC license. As it appears, AVG Antivirus offers a very impressive option with the licensing and stuff.


AVG Free Antivirus offers basic virus scanning features, accompanied by few other very useful additional features. For example, there’s a remote scan feature that allows the user to remove and clean viruses and other threats on a PC using their smartphone. No third party remote access app is required, AVG Free comes with a built in module that allows the users to perform such action. AVG Zen Feature allows the user to take control of the security of all the devices on an easy-to-use dashboard. The usability is very straightforward put in AVG Antivirus Free.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free offers virus scan and automatic protection. There are few profiles that the users can prefer to switch to in case they are busy in some forms of entertainment – gaming or movies etc. Manual scanning of a whole drive or folder might not be possible as there’s no such option within the interface, but by right clicking on a file or folder and selecting the Scan with Bitdefender option it could be done.

On the paid versions of both these products, users get few additional features. Bitdefender users get the most basic features of an anti-spyware, anti-adware, spam filter, firewall, safepay, parental controls etc. On the other hand, AVG Users get features like online shield, data safe, anti-spam, anti-adware, spam filter and an improved firewall.


AVG Antivirus is very popular for the features on their free module, and Bitdefender is well known for being very effective with its job, but Bitdefender makes a lot of sacrifice in their free edition as well. Make a decision that you think is perfect for your computing ecosystem.

How to Secure your Smartphone from Virus

Smartphones are essential computing devices these days, almost everyone needs one not only for luxury but to keep connected to the fast growing world. World economy is now mostly based on consumerism, and constant connectivity is required for a business to thrive. Assessing the overall scenario, it is easier to understand why the concept of handheld smart devices have become so popular these days.

smartphones users

With great power comes great responsibility, and it is actually the responsibility of all smart device owners to make their devices safe and secure. Smartphones these days contain all sort of private and business data these days; and if somehow the information on a phone gets compromised it’s a remarkable loss, so is the theft or stealing of a smart device. Here are few tips for a smartphone user, about how they can protect a smartphone or tablet from any harm.

Antivirus App

Level of security clearance varies among the available antivirus apps for smartphones and tablets, but having one can ensure that the user will be notified of any potential harm that might be caused to a device and also might get a way to get rid of the malware attacks that could take place. There are various different products in the app stores of all platforms, they come in free and paid versions as well. Generally, the paid versions offer advanced features like device backup and restore, advanced anti-theft features etc. whereas the free versions offer basic real time protection, remote locating and wiping of a smartphone etc.

Keep Operating System Updated

Keep your smartphone’s operating system updated. Most platforms, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry provide regular update for their devices released, and most devices receive an update up to a certain level. Make sure your device is updated to the latest version of the OS. Latest versions bear the most updated security patch which comes useful.

Use a Screen Lock Method

Most smartphones come with few screen lock options, PIN on iPhone and pattern on Android are most popular. However, few latest smartphones has chosen fingerprint sensor as their primary method of unlocking a phone. It is safe, secure and faster than any other method, and could be used for other operations like online payments through a phone.

Encrypt Files and Apps

Android offers file encryption through the security settings. Also, there are plenty of third party apps for file and apps encryption on smartphones, offered by third party manufacturers. If you want complete protection of your data and information stored on a smartphone, it is required that you encrypt the files and apps on your smartphone.

Steer Clear from Suspicious Apps and Websites

Unknown source of apps could be useful at times, but make sure you aren’t allowing some developer to house a malware in your smartphone. Also, there are plenty of websites that allow suspicious scripts to run on user’s web browser, which later provides access for the malicious program developers. The best method is to steer clear from both of the mentioned.


Following these easy methods, a smartphone user can keep their smartphones free from virus infection, and any other sort of intrusion.